Maximize Your Profits with
 Accounts Receivable Management

When it comes to delinquent accounts, time is an important factor in the recovery of lost capital. Delinquent debt collection becomes increasingly difficult the longer you wait. 

CRB Collections is a full-service accounts receivable management and consulting firm that assists healthcare providers in the rebilling and collection of past due accounts.

We will collect your receivables in a timely manner while maintaining the goodwill of your practice. We customize a collection system for the needs of each client provider. There is NO fee until we collect!


Serving Southern California Since 1948


Increase your chances of collecting unpaid bills with assistance from our accounts receivable collections department. The sooner you get your accounts to us, the faster we can get money into your bank account. Our fees are competitive and we require no money up front for our service. If there is no collection, there is no cost to you.

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Doctors’ offices and clinics can solve your billing needs by licensing our medical billing software. Let us show you the benefits of our software, which is built based on our many years of work experience in the industry. If your staff is not effectively handling your billing, our software is essential. By implementing our software into your process, you benefit from an effective, user friendly experience that saves you time and money.


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The accounts receivable consultation process involves working with your staff to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. This service is beneficial when you are establishing a new business, such as a medical office or group, and need new direction. A consultation is essential if your patients are not being processed and billed effectively.

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A collection service properly utilized is a natural extension of your account receivable process.

 For over 65 years our focus has been on our client service. We are locally owned and operated. Our long standing presence in the community has given us the opportunity to acquire a vast amount of information which we use to better serve our clients. 

Retained Attorneys and state of the art data systems gives us a significant advantage in producing superior results. As a full service accounts receivable company, we extend the scope of your A/R process. In order to do this we make use of a variety of features:

  •  We are experts in the recovery of delinquent debts. 
  •  We accept accounts, via e-mail, fax and of course by hard copy.
  • Our turn around time from assignment to debtor contact or notification is just one day. 
  • We report to credit bureaus for increased recovery. 
  • We subscribe to the best information services available.  
  • This information is vital in skip-tracing, tracking lost debtors, identifying assets and collecting the most difficult accounts.
  • Reports valuable to your business are provided as scheduled or upon request. 

These combined features enable us to consistently produce a higher net dollar return. Collecting an account for the benefit of the client takes time and money. At Credit Research Bureau (CRB Collection) we invest our money to collect on your accounts. There are no upfront fees. We earn our fee only after we collect for you.


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