Collect the Money Owed to Your Company

People know that they owe you money for products or services, and yet there always seems to be those who are late with payments. Are you all the money owed to your company? Credit Research Bureau of California, makes the collections process easier with analysis, proper planning, and state-of-the-art technology.

Increase your chances of collecting unpaid bills with assistance from our accounts receivable collections department. The sooner you get your accounts to us, the faster we can get money into your bank account. Our fees are competitive and we require no money up front for our service. If there is no collection, there is no cost to you. We work on contingency.


The accounts receivable consultation process involves working with your staff to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. This service is beneficial when you are establishing a new business, such as a medical office or group, and need a new direction. A consultation is essential if your patients are not being processed and billed effectively.

Other profitable businesses may look to maximize their profits through their accounts receivable department. If this describes your enterprise, we are here to work with you. During your consultation, we analyze your business and process. We look at each phase of your accounts receivable procedure from billing and collections to bank deposits.

To streamline your accounts receivable process, we make recommendations and/or train your staff to properly implement the most effective changes. Our consultation provides you with a clear picture and helps you understand every part of your accounts receivable process. You can use what you have learned to work faster and more efficiently. We will also implement new software and practices so you can see your full profit potential.

Why Assign Accounts To a Collection Agency

Highly qualified and motivated professionals
  • Tools - Your collection agency maintains cutting edge tools for skip tracing, asset searching and account tracking and retrieval. Since many delinquent accounts require months and even years to collect, The Collector needs a very sophisticated software system that tracks and maintains contact with thousands of debtors at a time.


  • Specialized Collection Skills – Your Collection Agent has developed verbal and written approaches to delinquency which motivates debtors to alter their behavior. Different debtors respond to different appeals. Your professional collector is able to analyze each account and select the approach which is most likely to get the debtors voluntary cooperation in paying the account.


  • Credit Bureau Notification – CRB Collection Consultants pays to notify major credit Bureaus of delinquent consumer accounts. Complying with strict federal laws The Agency must update and correct the data appearing on debtors Credit Bureau profiles each month. Mortgage lenders, auto lenders, prospective employers and landlords all consult these bureau reports to determine the risk versus credit worthiness of their applicants.


  • Proper use of legal action – Your collection Agent has the experience and objectivity to identify those non-performing accounts, which can be collected with legal action. This process should never be confused with simply filing a suit or getting a judgment. Inexperienced creditors will soon fill drawers with worthless judgments. Our professional collector makes a science of determining in advance what elements are necessary to justify legal action and which are essential to a successful collection. Retained or in-house collection Attorneys play a key role in this process.

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