Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide training for our employees to collect?

Yes we do. Our company owners and leaders, with their 25 plus years of experience in Accounts Receivable Management, have trained thousands of individuals in the area of A/R, Billing, Collection and Credit granting. Besides Seminars we provide in-house Workshops.

I have some balances over $1000. Do  you file law suits?

Yes, with Clients authorization. We have an attorney on retainer that will assist us to collect through legal venues.

How long do you work on difficult accounts?

As long as it takes to collect. Although some accounts we will never collect, others, we have collected after 7-8 years in our system.

Do you report to credit bureaus?

Absolutely. And we update their payment balances to the bureaus every month.

How fast do you collect?

Very FAST. We process each new account within one business day from receipt of it and coordinate letters with phone calls to create synergy.

Is there a minimum dollar amount on debt?

Not really; we accept all balance due over $75.00.

How long do I wait before putting a debt into collections?

It depends from your industry; typically 60-90 days are allowed before considering the debt delinquent. Some Clients may wait 120 days if the debtor promises to pay. For bad checks, no more than 2 weeks after the bank returns them for NSF.

What information do we send you to start the collection on an account?

Simply copy the Consumer application or Patient face sheet and email or fax it to us along with a detailed statement showing the balance due.


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